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Relaxing Massage

It is the perfect therapeutic practice to defeat stress and anxiety.Thanks to specific techniques it stimulates the body’s energy and reactivates the blood and lymphatic circulatin. It acts on various points of the body. The massage is carried out with slow movements and more or less deep pressures, and thanks to its delicate rhythm and fluidity respects and promotes the psycho emotional relaxation of patients.

Duration: 60 min.

4 Hands Massage

It is a particular massage that is performed by two operators instead of just one. The peculiarity is precisely in the technique. Two therapists work together from head to toe to squeeze and stretch tension out of your body. Aromatic water or oils may be added, according to the needs, to improve the psychological or physical well-being and get deeper benefits. Useful for: It helps to dissolve muscle aches, improve circulation and increase energy and vigor. It also helps to tone the body and has a relaxing effect.

Duration: 60 min.

Couple massage

A massage performed by two different masseurs but who perform the entire massage simultaneously and in unison. Whether it is a traditional Thai massage or a traditional oil massage, you will both experience not only the same experience, but also the same sensations and emotions.

Duration: 60 min.

Shatsu Massage

It is a Japanese acupressure method. Coming from a land so fruitful of traditions, rituals, and sense of the sacred, its technique are full of meaning and potential. It is a treatment in wchich technique, knowledge, and intuition of the operator, work together. Shiatsu literally means “pressure ” (Atsu), which is done with fingers (shi), hands, elbows and knees on certain points (Tsubo) to rebalance the energy (KI) along the meridians.

Duration: 60 min.

Massage With Tibetian Bells

This technique is very effective for deep relaxation. The bowl shaped metal bells are placed on the body and then made to vibrate and play. The sound turns to the genuine trust that we have in all of us. It follows a deep relaxation state, the so-called “alpha State”. Body, soul and mind can give up the stress, the problems, the accumulated muscle contractions, together with worries and insecurities. Each body cell gets a gentle “cellular massage” and finds its primordial order, so that an improved health, and bodily perception, is favoured. A massage with Tibetan bells makes it possible to positively influence self-awareness, creativity and prolificacy. It establishes a new and pleasant sensibility for our own body. It acts on our physics, soul and mind. It is suitable for all people, even for children and the elderly. It can be used in pregnancy to help prepare for the birth. The massages can dissolve cervical and shoulders muscular contractions, can eliminate headache and migraine, regulate digestion, free from abdominal spasms, allow a better and deeper breathing, improve concentration, free from stress.

Duration: 60 min.

Hymalaia’s Salt Massage

Thanks to the many potentialities of Himalayan salt, this particular ritual(consisting in a treatment and a massage) gives you beauty, well-being and health Its 84 trace elements activate the osmotic process, which leads to an immediate loss of excess liquids, leaving your skin soft and smooth. The use of salt in all its forms (nebulized, up and coarse), mixed with precious vegetable butters, and official herbs, guarantee an excellent result. It is a pleasant purifying and aromatic treatment that can make you lose liquids(up to 1 to 2 cm) already from the first session! The Himalayan crystalline salt contains all the elements present in the human body and its external use helps various ailments: rebalance the natural skin pH, slow down ageing, firm the tissues, assist with the treatment of allergies, respiratory diseases, colds and flu, absorb the moisture accumulated in the joints, to counteract the pain.

Duration: 60 min.

Massage With Pads (“Pinde”)

This massage is carried out with pads, the Pinde, consisting of herb wetted in the oil. These heated pads are great for relieving tension and stiffness. They are also considered excellent simulators of the energetic functions of the body. An improvement in the oxygenation of tissues, blood circulation, and an important draining reaction, will be obtained.

Duration: 60 min.

Massage With Karied Candels

Through gentleness and warmth this candle massage aims to satisfy the search of well-being, distension of the organism, and relaxation. This type of massage uses gentle holistic techniques to stimulate physical and psychological health.

Duration: 60 min.